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AGRN - Beni Suef for Organic Fertilizers

Beni Suef for Organic Fertilizers

Beni Suef Organic Fertilizers – AGRN. It is one of the Egyptian companies contributing to the development of the organic fertilizer industry (compost) since 2009 to be one of the largest companies in the production of compost of all kinds. The company keeps pace with every development in the field of agriculture and is keen to take the lead in this field by establishing a factory in Beni Suef Governorate that reaches its capacity The productivity is up to 30,000 tons / year of flower compost (100% vegetable and manure compost) produced from the finest types of waste medicinal and aromatic plants, and the establishment of a factory in Sharkia Governorate with a production capacity of 70,000 tons / year of compost mix (vegetable and animal compost) produced from the finest types of animal manure And rice straw, and our factories are also supervised by an integrated team of consultants in order to provide the best types of compost and reach the highest quality

Producing the best types of compost of all kinds (vegetable compost – animal plant compost), which is compatible with the nature and climate of the Egyptian lands.

Protect the environment and safely
dispose of plant and animal residues Contribute to solving soil problems that arose from the excessive use of chemical fertilizers.

What is compost (Organic Fertilizer) ?

Compost is a finely divided bulk material consisting of decomposed organic matter. Primarily used as a plant nutrient and soil fertilizer to stimulate crop growth. It has an important role in improving the properties of the soil, in addition to providing the plant with some important nutrients that the plant needs during its life, which are clean fertilizers and are not harmful to the environment, and have no harm to humans, animals or soil, although many people They associate the production of compost with compost heaps. Most of the compost is produced in large municipal, industrial or agricultural facilities using mechanical equipment to be completely decomposed, heat treated and free from pathogens and weed seeds.


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Beni Suef for Organic Fertilizers

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Beni Suef for Organic Fertilizers

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